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The Cash Accounting system provides an uncomplicated approach to Cash Receipts and Cash Disbursements. A single data entry screen is provided for entry of each receipt or each check written. Cash Accounting may either be used as an alternative to Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable systems or used in addition to them. It is a multi-company system.

Some of its features are outlined below:

User defined beginning check numbers and receipt numbers.
Multiple lines of distribution per receipt or per check.
User-defined default cash accounts for cash receipts and disbursements; these may be be different.
User may specify whether the document prompt is required in the receipts or distribution screen.
Generated receipts report by receipt or by revenue account.
Generates disbursements report by check number or by disbursement account.

The Cash Accounting System has several potential applications:

A company may have cash accounts which are outside the normal distribution account. For example Certificates of Deposit, Money Market accounts, Margin accounts with stock brokers, and Saving accounts. These accounts generally are characterized by high dollar amounts and a limited number of transactions.
A CPA firm may need to post the actual cash disbursements of various clients without all the complications of a comprehensive Accounts Payable system. Typically these checks are posted to cash and expense accounts.
A company may have cash receipts which do not strictly come under the scope of an Accounts Receivable system. This might be a check from an employee for the return of an advance, or various insurance refund or claim checks. These receipts are characterized by the fact that the receipt is from someone that is not a customer.
A CPA firm may need to post revenue for clients in total figures. For example a client doctor may already have a cash receipts ledger sheet and the CPA merely needs to enter the totals by day.

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