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The Financial Management module is a General Ledger system with capabilities considerably more comprehensive than those found in other systems. IAS-FM allows an unlimited number of companies and cost centers, features a user defined account number format and offers complete flexibility in defining accounting periods. Calculation of actuals, budgets, accruals, and allocations is also included. In addition, a Financial Report Writer allows the definition of any custom financial report and an all-new ad hoc reporting ability including interfaces to CS+, Lotus 1-2-3 and Excel. This system gives users the ability to:

Handle an unlimited number of companies and/or cost centers within a company
Define the account number format and decide the account numbering scheme to be used (There is no limit on the number of accounts that may be used).
Use unique account number formats and chart-of-accounts numbering schemes for each company if desired
Define accounts with balances allocated to other accounts
Define memo accounts for the retention of non-financial information
Exercise complete flexibility in defining accounting periods
Process transactions for new accounting periods before the prior period is closed
Print standard Financial Reports at any time for any range of accounting periods
Define the format of the Financial Reports
Use online inquiry to "drill down" to underlying debits and credits
View account balances, journals and/or detail for any time period using online inquiry
Define an unlimited number of journals
Enter journal transactions using actual, budget or statistical amounts
File a template journal for quick entry of similar journals
Easily reverse journal entries
View actual and budget amounts for current period, year-to-date, prior year period and prior year-to-date in the general ledger at any time
Update budgets by importing budget data from a spreadsheet
Begin the new year before the prior year is closed
Create your own customized Financial Report using a Financial Report Writer
Export financial data to PC-based spreadsheets
Retain history in detail and/or summary for as long as you wish


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