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The Fixed Assets module is designed to be an easy-to-use method to account for fixed assets and to automatically calculate depreciation/accelerated cost recovery amounts for both book and tax purposes. It features complete flexibility in defining accounting periods and depreciation schedules. IAS-FA also maintains a schedule of ledger depreciation and includes pre- and post-1987 ACRS depreciation calculations. In addition, it prints amortization schedules, budgeting reports, and tax liability reports, automatically transfers ledger depreciation to the IAS-FM module, and can automatically transfer assets between different companies. The Fixed Assets System gives users the ability to:

Maintain a schedule of ledger depreciation
Maintain multiple schedules of tax depreciation
Calculate straight line depreciation, declining and double-decking balance, sum of the year's digits depreciation
Calculate units of production depreciation
Calculate Pre- and Post-1987 ACRS depreciation
Calculate MACRS and AMT depreciation
Print Amortization schedules for depreciation
Automatically transfer ledger depreciation to the Financial Management module
Automatically transfer assets between different companies
Produce reports to assist in reporting and payment of local property tax liabilities
Produce reports for budget purposes
Produce reports to facilitate inventory taking
Define an unlimited number of depreciation expense accounts

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