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The Inventory Control module is designed for businesses that need to track inventory on hand and historical usage. The Inventory system features the ability to have multiple vendors, warehouses, shops, and uses of products by these categories and to adjust inventory on hand at any time. IAS-IC also allows the transfer, use, or disposal of inventory all on one screen. Additional features include usage by location for twelve month time periods with totals and averages, an inventory change report which prints the net change in inventory for a specified time period and a physical inventory module. The Inventory Control System gives users the ability to:

Categorize products and control accounting by category
Have multiple vendors, warehouses, shops and uses of products
Choose the LIFO or FIFO method of accounting and switch from one to the other if needed
Update inventory from Purchase Order receipts
Handle kits with a single-level bill of materials
Use actual costs at all times
Adjust inventory on hand at any time
Take physical inventory
Transfer inventory from one location to another, use inventory, or dispose of inventory on one screen
Fill orders from the Sales Orders module
Print packing slips
Interface to Financial Management for all transactions affecting accounting
Print a usage report listing usage by location for twelve month time periods with totals and averages
Print an inventory change report calculating the net change in inventory for a time period

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