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Frequently, non-technical personnel need a simple data processing application. Often, the technical assistance they seek is not available or is committed to higher priority projects. Report & Update By Yourself (RUBY) is available to help both professionals and non-technically oriented individuals.

RUBY is the system that makes it easy for individuals who have little or no data processing experience to build their own database and, once entered, to retrieve information. Creating files, defining and entering data into the files and developing meaningful reports is all done without the need to write a single line of program code. Here's how it works:

The file creator prompts you through a few easy steps to name a file and specify its size in easily understood terms then it creates your file.
Defining and changing the data fields that will be included in the database is also easy. You are prompted through the steps necessary to create and change the dictionary, thus eliminating the need to understand dictionary formats or other technical issues.
The data entry screens, which are built automatically, prompt you to enter previously defined data fields. In addition to being used for data entry, these screens are used to recall, review and, if necessary, change or delete previous entries. You have the capability to designate required fields, validate the entry into another file, duplicate fields from the previous item and do pattern matching and range checks.
Reports are created by a process that guides you through the building of the reporting language database inquiry sentences. It allows you to save inquiry sentences and to recall and change them. It makes it easy for you to run these reports at any time.
The system features on-line information throughout, providing descriptions of the prompts and lists of acceptable responses, all accessible by typing "?HELP". The system is not a substitute for sound technical ability when complex applications are involved. However, it is a practical tool for the simple requirements many people face on a regular basis.

If you are well versed technically, you will find Report & Update By Yourself to be a time saver. The dictionary building capability makes it many times easier than using conventional methods to build and change dictionaries. You will not need to write programs for simple data entry tasks because RUBY allows you to enter data as soon as the dictionary is defined. The report creating process makes it easy to build and test English-style reports. This process insures that each word is defined in the dictionary and that the total report size does not exceed 132 characters. The system will assist you in efficiently handling user requests.

Now virtually anyone with the most basic understanding of their computer system can create their own simple data processing applications. They merely need to be able to operate a terminal, know what data they desire to capture and how they want to report it. RUBY gives them the capability to do this without becoming intimidated or trapped by the technical details.

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