Integrated Accounting System

The Integrated Accounting System is an Accounting Software Package for multivalued database systems such as, Pick, Universe, Unidata, and mv.base.  IAS consists of several modules that can be sold together as a complete system, or purchased individually depending on your needs.   We offer our standard software, which can be customized to fit your needs, or complete custom systems.

The Financial Management module is a General Ledger system with capabilities considerably more comprehensive than those found in other mini- and microcomputer-based systems. IAS-FM allows an unlimited number of companies and cost centers, features a user defined account number format and offers complete flexibility in defining accounting periods. Calculation of actuals, budgets, accruals, and allocations is also included. In addition, a Financial Report Writer allows the definition of any custom financial report and an all-new ad hoc reporting ability including interfaces to CS+ and Lotus 1-2-3.

The Accounts Receivable module is designed to assist businesses in the timely and accurate tracking of invoices and cash receipts. In addition to featuring a choice of real-time or batch processing, IAS-AR conducts powerful on-line searches of customer history, automatically transfers transactions to the Financial Management System (General Ledger) and allows the generation of customer invoices for one-time payment or recurring charges. It also generates accounts receivable aging reports that are accurate to the day and automatically calculates and adds interest charges to overdue accounts.

The Accounts Payable module renders a complete solution to business accounts payable management by providing optimal control and planning of cash disbursements. Offering a choice of real-time or batch processing, IAS-AP features invoice entry on a single screen with automatic generation of general ledger transactions and complete flexibility in invoice distribution, including inter-company distributions and allocations. Automatically handles recurring payments, manual checks, one-time vendors and voiding of checks. A powerful search feature makes it easy to review a vendor's activity.

The Fixed Assets module is designed to be an easy-to-use method to account for fixed assets and to automatically calculate depreciation/accelerated cost recovery amounts for both book and tax purposes. It features complete flexibility in defining accounting periods and depreciation schedules. IAS-FA also maintains a schedule of ledger depreciation and includes pre- and post-1987 ACRS depreciation calculations. In addition, it prints amortization schedules, budgeting reports, and tax liability reports, automatically transfers ledger depreciation to the IAS-FM module, and can automatically transfer assets between different companies.

The Inventory Control module is designed for businesses that need to track inventory on hand and historical usage. The Inventory system features the ability to have multiple vendors, warehouses, shops, and uses of products by these categories and to adjust inventory on hand at any time. IAS-IC also allows the transfer, use, or disposal of inventory all on one screen. Additional features include usage by location for twelve month time periods with totals and averages, an inventory change report which prints the net change in inventory for a specified time period and a physical inventory module.

The Sales Orders module is designed to provide a complete solution to most sales order processing issues. It offers the ability to use one- and two-step invoicing, compute price discounts based on quantity ordered and/or customer, and record payment with order entry. This module has a backorder process to handle unfilled orders, generates reports by salesperson, product, and customer, and can operate in a multi-company environment. Additionally, it checks inventory levels at order entry time and allows the user to change the quantity being shipped without changing the original order quantity.

The Purchase Orders module is a superb tool for controlling the purchase of both inventory and expense items. It allows users to enter requisitions that can be converted to purchase orders, enter purchase orders directly into the system, order inventory and expendibles, and operate in a multi-company, multi-location environment. Receiving is handled in either a one- or two-step process with the ability to handle freight charges in a variety of ways. Purchase orders can be reconciled in Accounts Payable invoice entry and histories can be retained indefinitely. Other features include Requisitions, Blanket PO's, and Direct-ships.

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